Bocconi University, (September 2021 – )

  • Mathematical Statistics for Artificial Intelligence (lecturer, BSc, Bocconi)
  • Statistics Theory I (lecturer, PhD, Bocconi)
  • Statistics Theory II (lecturer, PhD, Bocconi)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (September 2020 – August 2021):

  • Sets and Combinatorics (lecturer, BSc, VU)
  • Bayesian Statistics (lecturer, MSc, MasterMath)
  • Statistics and Probability for Mechanical Engineering (lecturer, BSc, U Twente)
  • Bachelor project: business case study (lecturer, BSc, VU)

Leiden University, (February 2016 – August 2020):

  • Quantitative Research (lecturer, BA, LUC)
  • Bayesian Statistics (lecturer, MSc, MasterMath)
  • Statistics for Physics and Astronomy (lecturer, BSc, LU)
  • Mathematical Statistics (lecturer, BSc/MSc, LU)

University of Amsterdam (February 2015 – January 2016)

  • Stochastics and Financial Mathematics program of the Seminar Mathematics (lecturer, MSc, UvA).

Budapest University of Technology (September 2014 – January 2015).

  • Calculus A2 (lecturer, BSc, BUTE)
  • Probability Theory (instructor, BSc, BUTE)

Eindhoven University of Technology (April 2010 – January 2014):

  • Probability Theory for Informatics Engineering (instructor, BSc, TU/e)
  • Statistics for Informatics (instructor, BSc, TU/e)
  • Calculus (instructor, BSc, TU/e)
  • Introduction to derivative pricing (instructor, BSc, TU/e)
  • Asymptotic Statistics (instructor, MSc, Mastermath)

Eötvös Loránd University (September 2007 – December 2009):

  • Probability Theory for Astronomy/Informatics (instructor, BSc, ELTE)
  • Statistics for Astronomy/Informatics (instructor, BSc, ELTE)