Funding: We are currently supported by an ERC Starting Grant on the project: “BigBayesUQ: The missing story of Bayesian uncertainty quantification for big data”. Soon we will have several openings for postdoc positions. Stay tuned.

Current Team members:

PhD students:

  • Amine Hadji ( jointly with Aad van der Vaart, 2016- , first position: Lecturer at Leiden University),
  • Wouter van Loon (jointly with Mark van der Rooij and Marjolein Fokkema, 2017-),
  • Stefan Franssen (jointly with Aad van der Vaart, 2018-),
  • Lasse Vuursteen (jointly with Aad van der Vaart and Harry van Zanten, 2019-),
  • Geerten Koers (jointly with Aad van der Vaart, 2019-),
  • Dennis Nieman (jointly with Harry van Zanten, 2020-)

Past Team members:

  • Azeem Zaman (informal, supervision of one thesis project, 2018-2022)
  • Stephanie van der Pas (informal, supervision of two thesis project jointly with Aad van der Vaart, 2015-2017, currently Assistant Professor at VUMC)