Submitted Papers:

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  5. Wouter van Loon, Marjolein Fokkema, Botond Szabo, & Mark de Rooij. (2020) View selection in multi-view stacking: Choosing the meta-learner Arxiv preprint.

Published or Accepted Journal Articles

  1. Szabo, B. T. & van Zanten, J.H. (2022+) Distributed function estimation: adaptation using minimal communication. To appear in Mathematical Statistics and Learning.
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Refereed conference publications

  1. Ray, K., Szabo B.T. & Clara, G. (2020) Spike and slab variational Bayes for high dimensional logistic regression. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS).
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Book Chapters

  1. Szabo, B. T. (2015). On Bayesian based adaptive confidence sets for linear functionals. Bayesian Statistics from Methods to Models and Applications 91–105.

R packages

  1. Clara, G., Szabo, B.T. and Ray, K. (2020) sparsevb (Variational Bayes for High-dimensional Linear and Logistic Regression).
  2. de Rooij, S., van Erven, T., Szabo, B.T. (2019) SequenceSpikeSlab (Exact Bayesian Model Selection Methods for the Sparse Normal Sequence Model)

PhD Thesis

Master Thesis

Hungarian Students Scholar Circle (OTDK)

  1. Jordan, T., Szabo, B. T.(2011). A korlatossag vizsgalata irany-hossz vegyes grafok eseten. OTDK, Nyiregyhaza.
  2. Szabo, B. T., Turanyi, T., Zsely, I. Gy. (2010) Arrhenius-paramaterek becslese kozvetett es kozvetlen meresek alapjan. OTDK, 2011.

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